About me

Hi, my name is Fedor, I'm software engineering manager, team lead, architect, and (occasionally) programmer based in Hong Kong. I was born and raised in Russia but has left it for good in 2014.

I love quality and minimalism.

I'm also a foodie ;-).

Open source

I've made some Node.js open source code for backend development.

bsw: framework for beanstalkd queue
no-config: config and resource loader
require-all-root: require all files from app's root path
dummy-corsproxy: dumb proxy to bypass disabled CORS
tmfy: timeouts for promises and promisified functions

Posts and tutorials

(Node.js) config done right
How to avoid callback hell with ES6 Promises and generators — outdated, after introduction of async/await
How to setup GoDaddy domain to work with your personal Gmail